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Welcome to ENHA! Thank you for visiting the ENHAnce webpage ! 

At ENHA we do not trick ourselves into thinking the guys out there love to wear Personal Safety Equipment.Some of them are ordered by their superiors,some respect the law, some do it for better knowing and the rest of them does not care at all.

Knowing this, we at ENHA ( had to wear PSE in our former jobs and still have to when working between operating injection mold machinery), are committed to providing the most advanced, high quality, innovative products - like the competition does -, but ahead of all we put the comfort of the wearer !

Little helps an ear muff making 32 dB NRR which can not be worn longer than 15 minutes without getting the ugly feeling being trapped in a vice.

The result: They put it away and try never to come near to that protection device again.

Most of the equipment shown on this webpage has been designed by us carefully having the comfort of the wearer in mind.

Example: If the choice has to be made between an attenuation of 32 dB NRR with a high tension of 14 N or 28 dB NRR and low 8 N, we do go for the comfort way.Low tension, little headband pressure and a guy, who reluctantly accepts (but he does) his fate to be stuck with personal safety equipment.

We have proof for that policy confirmed by several patents which all have been made with the comfort and the personal safety of the wearer in mind.